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Diversity Symposium, 2005

Welcome to the website for this two day symposium on diversity, to be held at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th December 2005. The focus of this symposium will be on ‘intersectional’ issues of gender and culture. Its timing is roughly mid-way between the four day annual Diversity Conferences (the Fifth Diversity Conference in Beijing and the Sixth in New Orleans). Main speakers will include leading thinkers in the field, and these will be supported by paper, workshop and colloquium presentations by researchers and practitioners.

The symposium is to be hosted by the Globalism Institute at Melbourne’s RMIT University and to be held in the University’s Storey Hall, located in the heart of the city of Melbourne. A range of accommodation options is also available.

Participants are also welcome to submit a presentation proposal either as a 30 minute paper, 60 minute workshop, or jointly presented 90 minute colloquium session. Parallel sessions are loosely grouped into streams reflecting different perspectives or disciplines. Each stream also has its own talking circle a forum for focused discussion of issues.

Presenters may choose to submit written papers before or after the conference for possible publication in the International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations, a fully refereed academic journal. Virtual participants can also submit papers for refereeing and publication in the journal.

If you would like to know more about the symposium, bookmark the Diversity Symposium site and return for further information — the site is regularly updated. You might also wish to subscribe to the conference newsletter

For all inquiries, please contact the conference secretariat.

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